Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuff White People Like

This made me laugh! My friend sent me this web site link... and it is quite funny. So if you get a chance you should go check it out. Link on the side of blog or web site here:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Senior totally asked me to dance!!!

So I like, totally went to the mini youth conference yesterday. It was sooo much fun! It was totally spiritual and stuff. The dance was the best part though! I mean this guy, he was totally a senior. How do I know? Because, like his shirt said so ("Senior '08"). Anyway, he totally asked me to dance!

Okay now seriously, I am 31 years old. I have four children. The oldest is starting middle school next year. I have no illusions about my age and I try to act it, most of the time. So it surprised me as much as anyone else that a boy almost half my age asked me to dance. I don't know what to say...It's flattering... but at the same time frightning. I was the freakin' chaparone!! I was out there with the girls and trying to convince them to branch out and find someone to dance with and all of the sudden I'm Mrs. Robinson!

So, what did I say?! HA! I took his shoulder.... and the young woman's next to me and said, "No! But she can". So today I took some teasing from the parents of the youth that were there... what can you do?

Now, I still am not sure what the deal was. Is he a chubby chaser? Was it a bet? Does he need a good eye exam? I am not sure... but it sure did wonders for a soccer mom's self esteem.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Me Dead

I happen to LOVE music so much. A few years ago my friend "Swishy" had some tickets to get into a free concert for the NCAA Final Four Playoff activities... crap, I cannot even remember the headliner of the concert... they were some Christian rock band turned pop-rock. It was not an awesome band, but we had so much fun at this concert. The drunks, the Christian rock fans, and the PDA couple were great.

The greatest thing that happened at the concert was my introduction to a great little band. LUDO! They opened for the unnamed group and they were so much fun. They had songs like "Girls on Trampolines" and "Good Will Hunting By Myself". I don't think I had ever heard such a funny entertaining group before this. Swishy and I even got our picture on thier web-site from this concert. I cannot find the photo right now... or you would now be looking at Swishy and I from the backside. I guess they said let's go find some random hot chicks rocking out to us. HA!

Anyway... they are up for some contest at MTV-U. You could vote ( for them if you like... but I just wanted to post thier new video for any and all to enjoy. It makes me laugh. Again, the lyrics are just funny. How many of you have been in an awful relationship like this one? Too Funny! Well... Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

White tee, no bra and it's freezing!

I wasn't sure who was more embarrassed me or the police officers....
So, it was a first for me. Someone called the cops. Yep. They came; they banged on the doors... of which I ignored the first three times. I know! Really what was I thinking?!

Unfortunately it was not due to some wild sex, crazy- out of control party, or domestic disturbance. It was the run of the mill "my child just dialed 911".
So my baby boy has learned how to use the telephone. Of course the first real call he makes is to the popo. Of course I do not notice that he actually dialed it because I am too interested in my MTV show and have locked my bedroom door because my husband is in the basement running on the treadmill with the surround sound on. I did hear the pounding and just assumed that my husband decided to do a little more work on finishing the basement (not unusual even at 11 pm).

I did not even check on the noise until after the third and potential door breaking pound. I went to the door, in my PJ's, a little freaked out now because I still have no idea why they are here. Maybe there was a meth house bust down the road... I don't know!

Police officer says, "Can I come inside?"

Me, "Uh, yeah."

PO, “We got a 911 call from this residence."

Me, "Oh! Huh, Jackson... come here!"
Jackson runs to the stairs and is all smiles. "I guess that he called."

PO, (now looking at the floor, because, like I said, I am wearing my Pj's and the top happens to be a white tee and it was freezing with the door open, can I paint a better picture?!) " Yeah, Okay, try to teach him not to call 911."

Me, "Uh,Okay. You need to see anything else?" (and yes I really did say that because the pounding of the surround sound bass and the treadmill were pretty loud.)

PO, " NO! Uh, you have a good night." And he hustled out the door.

So here is the thing, what if I was a total crazy torturing someone in my basement? All I would have to do is show a little nipple and embarrass the cop into not asking any questions? I mean, really?

Turned out to be an eventful night at my house!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday!

Yeah!! It is Super Tuesday! I love politics and this Super Tuesday has turned into the most Super Fat Tuesday ever! It could not be closer in the Democrat race and the Republicans are looking scared. Not that I am all about the Dems... but I mean it serves those Republicans right to have backed a Jackass like Bush for 8 years! Now they are stuck... the party is all over the place. They do not know what to do... McCain is all but assured to get the nomination and the conservative right is having fits! Just take a listen to any of the Conservative talk show hosts. Ahhh... I love it.
So who is it going to be for the Dems? I gotta say, I love Obama. He is the "Change" that America needs right now. I am not thrilled about the idea of another Clinton Presidency... not necessarily about the politics... but that the two of them are ethically and morally challenged in so many areas. However... as long as we get away from the Mad Cowboy presidency I will be happy.
I hope everyone does a little celebrating this evening... after all it is Fat Tuesday too! So enjoy in excess tonight! I will enjoy my excess on CNN and laugh my ass off as I watch the Fox News Network Coverage!