Tuesday, December 18, 2007

¿Dónde están los aseos?

There have been some amazing inventions throughout history. Electricity, the oft worshiped television, microwave, hair dryer... you know the standards. I however have found that running water is clearly a necessity for me. Why the epiphany... I have no water!!!
So this happens to be the most unthinkable time to be without running water for me (We won't go there). So I take a lot of trips to stores with lovely toilet facilities. By the way, Target's are not bad... Walgreen's, don't even attempt, EEWWW.
I swear it is a good thing that there is not any major disasters that take place in the middle of the US, because the utility providers here are seriously lacking. Every time the wind blows you have to worry about the power going out and then staying out for weeks! Now I have to worry that when the water goes off it may take days to get it back. Can you imagine if there was something with any sort of disastrous power? We are talking third world conditions. I know I sound mellow dramatic, but ask anyone that has lived in St. Louis during the many power outages the past few years and they will tell you the same.
So I will keep on keeping on, in all of the public bathrooms in a 5 mile radius.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Adventure

One of my favorite things to do in life is to get photos developed. I know that in a technical world that we live in... I can have that instant gratification in just taking the photo that I want and have it printed immediately. Which is all well and good... but there is something about having those old school photos developed that is better than opening presents... because it is re-opening memories. I know cheesy. But I love it.
I like to carry around with me disposable cameras so that I do not feel so bad if I lose that one and so I always have a camera handy. So I have had some disposable cameras floating around my counter for... years (that's why it is so fun, I never know what I will get!). I finally decide to get a few developed. One roll turns out to be my daughters 5th grade camp photos... only a few months old, not bad. The next roll is from the first day of school... 2006. Alrighty, I am not that on top of things. But at least I have them for the scrapbook that I will someday make, HA. The last group of photos is a bunch of random photos of some birthdays, some school functions, and this...

Okay.. so I had no intention of this being the first photo that I would publish on my blog.. but here it is. It is crazy because my husband and I can only vaguely remember taking this. I remember him saying, "look at that there is something down there."

... and me saying something like, "there is no way in Hell I am crawling on the ground in front of the school to check out a dead animal". So I just gave him the disposable camera. We have taken a family survey as to what kind of animal that it is (yes, the 5 year old had the strongest opinion and the eight year old wanna be vegetarian is sufficiently scarred!). Our opinion is divided between a Chihuahua and some sort of rabbit. Gross! I Know! So how do you think it got there? What is the possible story of this sad animal's last adventure?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So I have to get the family Christmas card in the mail... like today. I have no desire this year to share. It has been a fine enough year... but there is not a whole lot that I want to say to everyone. So what is that about? I am not depressed. We have had plenty of things to talk about this past year. I am just not feeling the need! So what to do... I guess that I will just git-er-done. So cheesy family photos and envelope stuffing for me tonight.
So what other inane things do we all do to "please" others (because I am not convinced that this pleases anyone)? Just something to think about. I know that I will as I go through the motions tonight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

There is a first for everything!

Okay so the first time is special, right?! Well this is it. And I have to say that I have an overwhelming feeling of incompetence.
I have a love for all things pop culture and am phsyched to share all sorts of random bits of my life with the cyber blog world.
So this will be my first post... short and unsatisfying... not unlike other firsts!