Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fair and Balanced?!

I LOVE Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! They make me laugh... a lot! So I had to post this little nugget from last night's Colbert Report that talked about Michelle Obama's Speech and the coverage after. I felt that it tied in nicely to my last blog and to the question of WHY,oh why do people (in this case Fox News) have to lie and/ or put words in their mouths if the case against Obama is so strong?!

** Note to Neil. Keep it short and I may even read the rant!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful....

This election is very important and I am excited because I feel that our choices are pretty good. I have a great deal of respect for John McCain and for Barak Obama. I think that they both have good intentions and will do what they feel is best for the country, which is a welcome change from the current Presidency's self serving agenda.
You expect the commentators on both sides of the spectrum to come up with talking points why one should or shouldn't be elected. I find it completely respectable to disagree with a person's voting record... or with a particular plan that you don't like in order to vote against someone or for someone for that matter.
Although, I am so offended by someone that says that they are not voting for a person because of "insert ridiculous lie or scare tactic mentioned in the last radio talk show". I have heard the most ridiculous things as of late about why people are not/ should not vote for Barak Obama. Seriously... can you not find something of real substance to talk about on these radio shows that you need to resort to complete fiction? The most shocking thing is that people... smart, educated people... buy into this crap. My husband came home and said that while at work "people" were talking about how we shouldn't vote for Obama because in the scriptures it says that the devil will ride in on a white horse... and Obama's mother was white. Are you kidding me?! This stuff makes me crazy!! Not because people say it... there will always be idiots spouting hate and bigotry... but that people actually will listen to it and spread it around as if it were true.
At a hospital I would expect that they would be more concerned with his Health Care plan and maybe that would be an interesting topic to get behind... but what do I know?

Friday, August 8, 2008

A fond farewell to my favorite show... until next time!

So last night was the end... ant least until next summer. Oh, how I love "So You Think You Can Dance". It is such an amazing show. There is all this attention on artists that are rarely recognized. American Idol is all about the singers... which is fine... but this is so great because you not only spotlight the amazing dancers and their crazy talent, but you also get to spotlight the wicked awesome choreographers. It makes household names of these artists that have previously been unrecognized. I also think it is great because it can really spotlight a song that I would never take notice of. Whether it be an unknown artist or a very popular artist that I would normally stay away from. I just love it.
So here is a really fun article on that runs through their favorites from the last 4 seasons. It is a good place to start for those that have never seen it... but you should see the group routines...AMAZING!! (You will have to cut and paste to your browser... since I cannot figure out how to make a link, yet),,20217423,00.html?iid=top25-20080808-%27SYTYCD%27%3A+15+greatest+routines

This are two of my favorites that did not make the ew list.. so I thought I would paste it here... enjoy!
The first is a Shane Sparks routine (missed him this year) for the top 16 of the second season. Music is classic!!

The next is another Shane Sparks routine to Neyo (I would have never listened to this... but it is now on my ipod because of this dance) Allison and Ivan from the second season were so fun in this.