Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new set of Stationary

I found this little gem of a stationary web site that I just had to share. So if you go to You can see all the fun stuff that it has to offer.

For instance you can get gift tag stickers that read" Warning: May cause Homosexual Tendencies."

Or the "Man Notes" That point out that writing notes is already emasculating enough...

Or the Sentimental Cards that are laugh out loud hysterical... if you read them.

*Warning... this little stationary store is not your average Hallmark offerings. But if you dare...they will make you laugh and you may find the perfect card for that special someone.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guns or Gas?!

So here is another reason for me to get excited about our move....

This was a headlining story today on CNN. Now this is just great. If you listen to this story you hear that everyone here just loves their guns! AWESOME!!
Yes that is right... when you buy a car from the dealership you can have your choice between gas or a semi-automatic handgun!

For the record this town is 39 miles from where we are moving.
So I guess that I am forewarned!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Case and Point!

Now I have said it before... even blogged about it... but I will say it again.
West Virginians are frightning!!! Seriously! Are you kidding?! You have to see this!

So am I crazy?!?!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who is it?

This photo is of a couple of boys I saw while hanging out with the family at the park. Can you guess who I thought of? *Disclaimer... The first photo is stalker like... so the quality is not so good.

For the second photo, we literally chased them down and I said,
"Do you know who you remind me of?"

Boys: "Uh, Rob and Big."

Me: "Totally!!! Can I take your photo?"

So they agreed and were pretty excited. I love Rob and Big... It's nice to see that the stereotype of skinny white skater with big black guy is alive and well.