Monday, September 29, 2008

What a weekend!

I am so lucky!! I have such amazing friends and it is always wonderful to be able to get together and just spend time together. Since we all are moving around and are no longer in close proximity to each other it is harder to carve out time to get together. This weekend we were able to make it work... and it was fabulous!!

We first went to a beading store where we made a air of earrings and then made duplicates of that earring for each friend. We then went to dinner and then finally made it to the Counting Crows/ Maroon 5 concert. HOW FUN!

The Counting Crows were okay... I have now seen them twice... and both times Adam Duritz has been smashed to the point of incoherence. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Maroon 5 concert. They were so polished and really, really great. Adam Levine was even a little hot... I honestly never thought that would be possible, who knew?! Here is a you tube clip of one of my favorite parts... (forgive the quality)

Now... here is a little quiz. I am going to post photos... albeit, bad ones... and you have to match the set of earrings to the designer. I will include initials and a short personality blurb... if that helps. My husband was even able to match them.. so it should be fairly easy!







These are very simplistic definitions. I could begin each one with extremely smart, beautiful and overall amazing.

TG... Professional writer. Caring and Supportive.
TC... Technical Writer. Thoughtful and Talented.
HS... Pursuing PhD. Practical, Savvy, and Cultured.
SW... Burden to husband. Outspoken and Fun.
JB... Writer and Teacher. Reserved and Romantic.
AJ... Marketing and Communications. Patient and Good hearted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I hate bugs!

So... Missouri is very beautiful with the rolling hills, lakes and abundant trees. However, I have reached my limit with all of the bugs. They are everywhere. They are HUGE and most of the time they are unidentifiable.

Here is a bug's exoskeleton... yes it is now bigger!!! UGHH!

This is a spider that set up house in a tree right outside our condo.. in about 2 hours. It was not there when we left for soccer.. but it was there and heaving (I'm sure it had a billion babies ready to greet the world)when we came back.

Here is the kicker...we have two huge ponds on our house lot and they will attract and produce more bugs that I care to think about. I may spend a lot of time enjoying Missouri beauty from the heavily insecticided inside of my house.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another clip

Anyone tired of these clips yet? I just had to share. The rising tide of Hypocrisy is astounding!!