Thursday, January 31, 2008

A wasted day!

I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning up a bedroom. The crappy thing is that it wasn't even mine it is my daughter's shared bedroom. It is unbelievable how much crap children can accumulate in so few years. So why did I do this? Is it because I am such an enabling mother that I clean so my children do not have to? Because I couldn't stand the mess any more and it needed to be cleaned for sanitary purposes? Or because it had something to do with our moving in a few months? No, no, and no. I mean seriously I am too lazy to really do it for any of those reasons.
It was because the night before I was tucking my youngest daughter in to bed on the lower bunk of a set of bunk beds and I hit my head on the upper bunk so hard that I actually blacked out for a split second. This was the first time I hit my head that hard. I mean I have had some pretty good bonks in my life. For instance, while holding a 4x8 board up while my husband was building a deck another 4x8 fell directly on my head. But this was an awesome head bonk. Anyway, I was so mad I started swearing at my husband (who insisted that they be stacked in bunks) that I hated the bunk beds and that they must be taken down! I know... totally bitchy... but in my defense, my head really hurt. So my husband, knowing that I might really hurt something or break something if I tried to take them down myself, came up and took the bunk beds apart. The room was so messy though; that we had to push clothes and toys out of the way to make the beds fit. Now this is a good sized room... so the beds should have fit fine, but they didn't. So this is why I cleaned all make two beds fit in a room that they should have fit in anyway. It was a complete waste of a good day. I did not accomplish anything else... unless you count watching episode 2 of the Gauntlet 3 an accomplishment. Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Oasis of Entertainment

I hate the Strike! I really do. I wish I could just enjoy my new episodes of Pushing Daisies or CSI. I mean I still have new episodes of Friday Night Lights (sub-par episodes compared to last season... but still, they are new.) so I shouldn't complain to loudly... But c'mon! I cannot watch another episode of Singing Bee, Smarter than a 5th Grader, Deal or No Deal. Even the best of them, American Idol... (of which I stopped watching Fantasia's year... because I still do not get her) is making me crazy. As scripted as "reality TV" is... I miss the real stuff.
But something happened last night, that made me forget about evil production companies and the underpaid writers... The Gauntlet 3 started!!

My husband reminds me that it is the most obnoxious immoral television there is, which is true... and probably the reason I love it!! You could not script characters like these... Coral, Beth, CT, Kenny! Oh, I could just watch the re-runs all day, and I will! When you get gems like the self-absorbed Kenny the only guy in the house not getting any action... it is the best. And the stunts! Seriously Fear Factor has nothing on them... these kids really get hurt!
So Thank You MTV for easing my Strike woes!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yep... It has been forever!

Alrighty... so I haven't posted... in a very long time! So my New Years resolution ( as long as I am not to late for that!) is to blog at least once a week. That said, I think that I will talk about this Private school that I am being pressured into putting my children in. Really... High pressure sales tactics. Calling me everyday pressure.
Okay, this is the story. My family is relocating to a tiny (10,000 people, tiny) town in the Midwest. Now this is a long story in and of itself... maybe later on that! This small town is really quite nice. There are many amenities considering the size, one of them is a private Christian school. Let me say I have absolutely nothing against Christian schools... we happen to be of a Christian faith... but I am not sure I love the idea of mixing church and school just yet. Preachy and judgemental are not the life lessons I want my elementary school aged kids to get as they approach middle and high school. The other issue that I have is that the place looks like a complete compound! WACO style compound, as my friend Swishy says. Seriously, the tin roof building is frightening. Plus I have to pay a considerable amount of money to send my kids there. So how do I tell these nice people that I do not want to attend their school? We go this weekend for a tour of the schools. Pray for me, on second thought... don't!