Friday, February 6, 2009

Anyone care to swap?

So I was chatting with a neighbor here about our quaint little town. Guess what I found out... apparently, my quaint little town has a nice party life behind the private Christian schools and rich Baptist Churches. I am not referring to the coke parties for the geriatric... because that is pretty rampant. I was informed that I need to be careful with which parties I agree to attend. Swinging is alive and well here in the Midwest. I guess that there are a few couples that live in our own neighborhood that often hold these gatherings. Seriously?! That's offending! I mean they haven't even asked me yet. Really... I cannot think of anything I would rather not do. And that includes having my eyes burned out by a hot poker.
I have so many questions... So what do the invites look like? how does the switch go down? How much is drinking is involved to get you to that point? There is bound to be a guy there that nobody wants to get stuck with, what do you do then? How do you politely say, um I'd rather die than attend?
Let me just say that my town has a whole 10,000 people. How incestuous is that? What does that do for Father's day here? How can the future generations even be expected to date? I mean they may all be related... and likely are. Ugh... my head is spinning.