Sunday, March 23, 2008

Watch your back in West Virginia

So we took a drive to Washington D.C. from St. Louis. It was a really great trip with the family... which is saying something since it was all six of us in the car for the vast majority of the vacation.
The drive was interesting to say the least. We took the Northern route to DC and the Southern route on the way back to St. Louis. There were many pretty places that we passed and many not so pretty areas.

I have to say that West Virgina was by far the worst state that we drove through. I had high hopes for it... I expected mountains, hills and greenery. It was so... what is the word... um... Dirty. The pollution factories have set up in force. We ended up having to stop near the border of Kentucky... we couldn't make it any further without stopping... and we really tried! We could not get out of there any sooner than we did.

It is then I decided that every scary movie was conceived in West Virginia. (Really... Wrong turn was based in West Virginia and I now believe that this is non-fiction!) Seriously, I could practically hear the Deliverance dueling banjos, I was sure the Hills Have Eyes, not to mention that scary movie that Al Gore was in!

So I guess if you have the opportunity... pass on West Virginia. My apologies to the West Virginia board of Tourism, but enjoy the inbreeding!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just in case you missed this...

When I was growing up there was nothing that I loved to do more than lock myself in my bedroom and dance! I know it was really nerdy... but I loved it. I grew up in the 1980's and the music was the BEST dance music out there (I'd love for someone to argue with me). How excited am I to see that Michael Jackson's 25th Anniversary Thriller Album is here... SO EXCITED! Say what you will about MJ's Personal life... but the man is a legendary entertainer.

So add the fact that MTV has this little show called America's Best Dance Crew and that all of the dance "crews" had to dance to a Thriller song... this was some of the best TV in a long time. Especially for the young girl in me that still remembers how much fun it was to dance to these songs when they first came out. I am posting my favorite group on here... watch the crazy crotch grab at the end. You should see what the rest of the groups did... just wicked awesome (Nerdy... already noted)! I think I may lock my bedroom door and try to learn the dance... maybe with out the gratuitous grab.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Am Too Young for This Crap!

I go from being confused for a teenager into an 80 year old codger! I totally threw out my back this last week. I swear that I could not bend forward without crying out in pain. That Sucks!
I don't even know exactly what happened. All I know is that one night after a good week of hard exercise, I was sitting at the computer and BAM... My back was screaming at me. It has been such a great excuse for me to sit around and do nothing... not that I do a whole heck of a lot anyway (As My husband will attest to). But I could not even bend over to pick up my poor little boy.
At least he is getting around pretty good and climbs on everything. He is alomst self sufficient at 17 months old. HA! That says quite a bit about my child care... or lack thereof.
Seriously... I am now down to about 1 muscle relaxer a day and even did a little dancing with the kids last night. Good times!