Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally... Huh?!

SO I am feeling a little more settled... I guess that why I feel like I can blog--- vent.
I have been SO Sick the past few days. I have never had food poisening (at least like this) and on Saturaday it was a doosy. I went to dinner followed by a movie (Twilight... back to that in a sec). Ten minutes into the movie Rich got called into the hospital and I was on a solo date (what's new). Halfway through the movie I knew that something was terribly wrong (Not that the movie was THAT bad... but) I had to puke in the theater's public bathroom. Oh... and it was not any puke... I have not puked this much EVER... and I have been pregnant 4 times! It was aweful... I had to rinse out my hair clean my glasses and wash off my shirt... still at the theater... alone!!! I finished and returned to the movie.
I texted Rich to hurry because I was now in need of a doctor and he got there just as the movie ended. I made it home and started the puking all over again. Rich is laughing asking if I needed to go to the ER. HA! Yes... I considered that after I threw up the water and ibuprophen. I did not have to suffer alone for long. Rich was just 2 hours after me... HA! Now who is laughing... well not quite yet I was still suffering. I tried to go to church the next day... HA! That did not work... so I returned home and laid in bed the rest of the day. I decided to finish the twilight series ... Breaking Dawn. For over 750 pages... it read really fast.

Here is the thing. The idea is novel. I like the idea (I realize I am treading on thin ice with the rabid Twilight fans). I just feel like there was not a lot of followthrough... It just felt like a lot of fluff without any substance to sink my teeth into... HA! I really wish it had been fulfilling. Not so much. Oh well...